Loathe over Will

by Sanguinary Misanthropia

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Kriegsminister 666 Killer tone and underground production on this fine release from SM, extended songs and great atmosphere add to a highly recommended war/black metal sermon. The title track is instantly classic and one of the best songs I have heard this year. Organic production and raw performance are superb. Hails! Favorite track: Loathe over Will.
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'Loathe over Will' is Sanguinary Misanthropia's critically acclaimed debut full-length album, featuring nine sinister hymns of Traditional Satanic Black Metal.


released June 20, 2014



all rights reserved


Sinister Essence Records Melbourne, Australia

The Sinister Essence is something that an individual may come to re/cognise through personal spiritual praxis or certain creative endeavours such as inspired Devil's Music.

We aim to spread the message and re/cognition of the Sinister Essence in those who are liberated enough to experience it.
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Track Name: Revelations 16:4-6 (Opening Ritual)
Revelations 16:4-6

4. And the Third Angel
Poured out His vial
Upon the rivers
And fountains of Waters;
And they became Blood.

5. And I heard the Angel of the Waters say,
Thou art righteous, O Lord,
Which art, and wast
And shall be,
Because thou hast judged thus.

6. For they have shed
The Blood of Saints and Prophets,
And thou hast given them
Blood to drink;
For they are worthy…
Track Name: Devil Everlasting
Devil Everlasting

Witness the limitless energy
Of the Devil everlasting
Imposing itself as atrocity
Upon the Demiurge’s creation,
Forever moving and growing
From beyond the fires of death

Re-arisen is He
From the eternal potential, chaotic;
Of uncertainty known not
Endlessly reoccurring
As is the nature of His will,
Imbued with this existence’s
Diabolic essence
Devil everlasting

From the beginning of
This carnal world
And again from its death and end
He has ascended!
The quintessential energy has risen
And hir is that which is sinister
And its opposite,
And hir is as Anti-Belief
In All Things,
The whirling embodiment
Of manifest knowledge…

Remember and forget not again,
It has been foretold:
That which is Dead
Shall rise again and against
The torah of Yahveh
And eventually suffer
A second coming of Death
(Lest their compelling energy
Be an excess of Strength
Impelling a revaluation of every thing)
Track Name: Bellum ad Internecionem
Bellum Ad Internecionem


Bellum ad internecionem!
Exterminate the sub/humans
Lurking as maggots in the
Luscious darkness of dead flesh
Under the rancid blood of this
Moribund, mundane realm…

Annihilation almighty
Draws nigh…

Iridescent flames of
Noncosmic origin
Tear through the collective
Effacing those of the Faith
Raging flames of the deep!
Now is thy Time!
Emancipate the entropic light
Caught within the flesh malign
Imminent is the odious arrival
Of the Septagram’s wrath
Numinous are its seven angels
Eager for total holocaust to
Move over and purify the cursed Earth

Bellum ad internecionem…

Upon our all-powerful manifestations of Perfection
The Imperfect shall be burned;
The Imperfect Will shall be burned
Upon perpetual Perfection manifesting
Track Name: Loathe over Will
Loathe Over Will

Note well:
Excess in Enlightenment blinds!
And my bright eye
Fell unto darkness,
Devoured by the flames
Of edification
Of the self-serving truism
Of the Will to Believe,
A woeful gnostic Thrall
Falsely shining as Emancipation complete

Ialdeboath or Abraxas?
Nexuses whence monotheism thrives not
Yet Two and One are unified?
It matters not what godlike title
It masquerades under,
For this paradox is transcended eternally
By the strange aeon long loathing
Of endless Lucifer.
So spoketh He,
‘Verily, in spite, I say unto thee:
In the uncertainty of Chaos primeval
Agnosticism abolishes thine absolute divinity.’

The Divine Fire inside
The confines and bindings
Of multitudinous Black Suns ,
Writhes with the crimson licking tongues
Of a ruined world’s worth of serpents
Eagerly drinking the blood of the Fallen One
-Revere the Rise
Of the Serpent of the Pit
Ascending from Hell’s carnal temples

The asp rapes Baphomet’s
Chasm of Acausality,
Poised as she is
In perpetual pregnancy
-For all is Possible in this instant…

Praise the precious snake
The serpent of undetermined revelations
Which is sublimely entwined about itself
As an embodiment of Life,
Not the defeatist Orborous
But the Gnostic/Agnostic axis:
Abraxas, Baph’metis,
Non-believer, Chaoist,
It is the One that evolves,
Emitted from the concentric centre
Of the spiral of Life,
The exacerbated occultation
Around the other unholy revelations
Of the formidable Phosphoros
And the force against the Will to Love
Over and over again

Instead Phosphoros espoused this philosophy,
‘Loathe over Will
Shalt be the whole
Of the lawlessness of Chaos,
Not a gospel of Love…’
Loathe Over Will
Loathe Over Will
Loathe Over Will
Track Name: And I Smite Thee
And I Smite Thee

Shema Yisrael,
Hear, O execrable people:
The lord your god is dead,
The lord is now no One,
(Know not One!)
And thou shalt loathe
The logos of the said lifeless god
With all thy heart,
And with all thy soul,
And with all thy might
-As thou art loathed also

The subdued Blood hath fallen
Be warned…

-Satan’s Eye smite thee
I offer ye
A Chalice of my wrath
That thou shalt
Drinketh thereof
And be consumed
As thou consumeth
The fires and the storms
Of Evolution’s world,
Below and above,
Within and without thee

And I smite thee!
By my unconquerable Pride
And Anti-Human hatred,
It is my Honour
To pour forth the scorn
Of the livid living lord
Of this phenomenal world

O Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust!
See these things
And be pleased:
A volatile hooked cross
And the subsequent
Fear of God
O Satan, Thou Swastika and Thou Sun!
The old holy
Trifidic-triune triad
Is now broken!

O Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust!
Thou who art forever
Becoming unto Death,
Open the Acausal Portal,
The Gates of Hell,
See these things
With thy black fiery orbs
And be free…

Satan, Thou Eye, Thou Lust!
Cry Aloud! Cry Aloud!
Whirl the Sun Wheel!
O my Father,
O Satan,
O Sun,
O mighty Swastika
Sublime -divine…
O mighty Swastika
Sublime -divine…
Track Name: The Spirit of the Lord Strives not with Man because He is of the Flesh
The Spirit of the Lord Strives not with Man because He is of the Flesh

Why is the Devil wholly responsible for
Thine suffering in the World?
Yea, He is a causal god form
Struggling within the mundane Black Sun
Art not thou a numinous being
That strives with the world
With thine Will, True and Free?

O loathsome sub/human
Come, come to know of this
All embracing Gnosis, diabolic
Glory be unto the Devil!
Thus spake the Spirit of the Lord,
Much of Man is subhuman still...

'Toil human, in thy disgrace and shame!
Thine is the undeniable guilt
Of being formed from blackest sin,
That is, indulgence in the desire for pleasure,
And for being bloodily borne into
A carnal sin-filled world.'

'Curst art thou Absurd man,
He who hast been created
For mundane existence
In this world made flesh,
For thou art mortal,
Nothing more!
And thus unfortunately fated:
Thou art doomed to perish,
To die for thy transgression against
The Lord of this world.'

'Waste not thy life breathe,
Praying for salvation and forgiveness
For thine unforgettable sin,
For the spirit of the Lord
Strives not with man,
Because he is of the flesh.
Despair human!'

Hail All Hate!

'Communion and unity with the spirit of god
Is exclusive of being of the flesh.
I say again, despair human!
Thou art absolutely forsaken!
Christ did not die for
Nor redeem thee!
Woe O thou belief stricken atheists!'

'It is by the will of god
That thou art damned, curst and ill-fated
Because thou art of the flesh.'

'Never trust in the word made flesh,
Forever unto death.'

'Consider the only worthy question,
Lest thine guilt consumes thee:
To abstain or revel?'
Track Name: Sanctification via Sin (redux)
Sanctification Via Sin

In the crimson glare
Of the Black Sun smouldering
Sinister Licentiousness declared,
‘It is my immoral mission
To deliver the livid wisdom
Of our carnal Mother Earth,
To show the storm shadowed oceans
The detestable secrets
That she has shewn unto me,
Of satanical sanctification via sin.’

The sigil of the Antichrist glistened
Within the hazy midst
Of the poisonous billowing smoke
Of the faux final absolution to
An impure life bereft of sensory excess

Lucifer, a shining exemplar to the contrary,
Avoided the spiritual mort’fication
Of surrendering to repentance for sin
Cloaked in grandiose vestments of pride
Held he, concealed
Satan as a ritual knife by his side
Poised alike a wild serpent determined
To rent the etheric universe
Thoroughly asunder!

From the fourth pyramidal angle
The left horn of a sacred sun ram
Thrusts into the all-seeing eye above
And savages the cancerous monistic worldview
Of the sacrosanctity of an empty tomb,
It slits the prevalent virgin spirit
Of the catatonic peace of worldly ignorance…

Lust attacks lust one thousand fold,
In sickeningly explicit sect sex
Extracting humanity from
An abstract order of another-world
Forcing Man into true communion
With the infamous Demiurge,
The creator of the mundane Earth

Sin is the estrangement of Man
From the After Death god
Seen as an infernal pentacle
Upon the golden trail to salvation
From the volatile black vice churning
In the chains’ confines
Of the blood-lined inner-sanctum pit
(Within each individual being
Called Potential Energy- realised)

All consuming empiricism leads unto
Emancipation from the drawn and emaciated crux
Of life hostile judeo-christendom.

Antichristian sin releases
The radiant star fire light
Of the fervent Black Sun
From indefinite imprisonment
In the bottomless austere abyss,
The flesh is thoroughly redeemed
By Demiurge’s design, viz
Sanctification via sin.
Track Name: The Unholy Sun Rises on the Evil
The Unholy Sun Rises on the Evil

O Lucifer, Lord, Phosphorus!
Bear forth the undying light
Of thine r/evolutionary Fire,
Yield forth the Apocalypse
Of the Opposer of Ialdeboath

Salve Lucifer!
Thine ungodly
Exuberance exudes
The malignant, malicious
Numinous luminosity
Of Kennaz's fiery sword,
Bearing forth the brilliance
Of Solwuz
-Sig! Hail!

Thus commences
The shining vision
Of Divine Wisdom,
And the Luciferian
Philosophy thereof:
'The unholy Sun
Rises on the Evil
-Hail Sig! Hail!'

'All Things are permitted
To hir that believeth not.
Have anti-faith in
The Sinister
Archetypal angel,
He who opposes
The incarnation
Of the Logos of god...'

Pray unto the Devil-
'O Antichrist cometh forward!
Lord I believe:
Help thou mine Unbelief!'
Rescind thine all-embracing faith
By the End of Days
(As presaged by
The Prophet of Diabolic Gnosis)

A dying god groaned
As the Phosphorus Star
Arises and shines its
Black Light down,
As that which is above
And so damned below,
At once anonymous,
Absolute, partial and totally,
Whole within and outside of
Its nameless Self...

As the Adversary
All else is in adversity
Unto hir that believeth not:
Thus Sig's Will to Power
Is overcoming All,
Conjoined with the Kennaz fire sword,
O, so alike Lucifer
In their Usurping exuberance,
Offering Death unto Death
In unison
With the spasmodic throes
of a moribund god head's
Reign ended -beheaded
(A cause o' all-embracing
Creation's end...)
Track Name: Arise O Warrior Spirit (Ritual Closure)
Arise O Warrior Spirit!

And thus beamed the exuberant
Whorl of Stars furthermore,
'Emancipate the misanthropic entropy,
The sinister entity,
The principum malleum,
Who is known as
The Enemy of Mankind also,
Arise O Lord, ever higher,
And see the extreme
Star Fire Light!'

Arise O warrior spirit!
Arise O warrior spirit!
Arise O warrior spirit!